New Zealand immigration minister joins mayor to honour international education industry :: Immigration New Zealand warn of fake job offers:: New Zealand Residence Programme - Investor (Investor 2 category):: A selection of Expressions of Interest (EOI) under the Migrant Investment Category, Investor (Investor 2 category), took place on Wednesday 27 February 2013.:: New Zealand Residence Programme – Parent Category:: Canadian immigration says canadian experience class visas growing fast :: Us budget crisis impacts on immigration :: Canadian immigration accepts record numbers of immigrants - again :: UK immigration fees increase from April 2013 - Apply now! :: New minister says New Zealand immigration policies working well:: US immigration could make E-verify checks - permanent and mandatory :: Cameron says UK Immigration will not be a soft touch for immigrants New Zealand Residence program - Skilled Migrant category fortnightly selection ::Change to receiving office for visas in South Asia: Singapore and Indonesia:: Labours Cooper proposes alternative UK immigration policy UKs EU dilemma over Romanian or Bulgarian immigration estimates UK Labour Party changes approach on UK immigration Brazilian Nationals Show Interest In Florida Investments Australian 457 visa row rolls on Canadian immigration says Canadian Experience Class visas growing fast Canadian immigration accepts record numbers of immigrants - again Australian rule change happen in the month of July each year. Immigration rules are becoming tougher day by day. Apply under current rule to avoid any rule change which may effect on your application. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced that the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) will take effect on May 4, 2013. Minimum official language thresholds and increased points for official language proficiency, making language the most important factor in the selection process. Prepare your file in advance for submission. On 8 April 2013, the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment (Appendix 3) and the list of Qualifications recognized as an Exception (Appendix 8) will be updated. A selection of Expressions of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant Category took place on 20 March 2013. Five Country Conference Visa Application Centre opens in Singapore. A selection of Expressions of Interest (EOI) under the Migrant Investment Category, Investor (Investor 2 category), took place on Wednesday 27 March 2013. Senate close to immigration deal, solves key issues New ruling could earn gay couples green cards Department Of Homeland Security Announces H-4 Proposal Senate close to immigration deal, solves key issues Immigrants invest in U.S. project in exchange for green cards Canadian immigration announces further changes to Federal Skilled Worker Program Canadian immigration says Canadian Experience Class visas growing fast Canadian immigration accepts record numbers of immigrants - again Main UK immigration body to be abolished because it is not good enough. UK immigration provides unacceptable service. Bishop attacks UK politicians for anti-immigration rhetoric. Cameron announces tough reforms to UK immigration MPs report criticises fiasco at UK immigration authority. UK minister says Romanian UK Immigration estimates are meaningless. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced the 24 eligible occupations for Federal Skilled Worker. Program Caps and Limitations - With respect to the 24 eligible occupations, the government has placed an overall cap/limit of 5,000 applications that will be accepted for processing. With respect to the 24 eligible occupations, the government has placed an overall cap/limit of 5,000 applications that will be accepted for processing. USCIS Announces Process Changes for Waivers of Inadmissibility for Certain Relatives of U.S. Citizens. Thatcher criticised over Australian immigration comments. USCIS Announces New Immigrant Fee. International MBA graduates in UK get a year to stay on for work. UK eases immigration rules for overseas graduates to attract best talent. H-1B visa cap breach not good news for Indian IT. Australian immigration authorities limited over 457 visa enforcement. Uruguayans become eligible for Australian Work and Holiday Visa. Canada Will Soon Need 250,000 New Construction Workers. Controversy Stirs over RBC Foreign Worker Hires. New Immigrant Guide Released by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Launched April 1st. Canada’s Immigration Backlog Reduced by Forty Percent. Quebec Extends Current Skilled Worker Criteria. Poll Shows Canadians Favor Setting Immigration Levels. UKs immigration inspector announces plan for 2013 till 2014 ::Pilot of visa expiry reminder service run by UK Immigration Industry :Australian immigration announces changes to 485 graduate work visa Immigration contributes to Australian population growth Mexican Priest Fights for Immigration Reform in U.S. 679 people renounced their US citizenship in 1st quarter of year, Australia and NZ Jointly Manage Overseas Immigration Physicians Changes to the Australian Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 Announced
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Know about Immigration Overseas

Immigration Overseas has developed into a global leader in online immigration services and consultancy. Immigration Overseas was established with the sole purpose of guiding individuals to accomplish their migration goals with ease and without much ado.

Our goal is to provide you with the freedom to focus on the excitement of immigrating to another country, without worrying about the visa. We ensure our customers with positive results in the processing of the visas for countries like Australia, Canada, UK and US. We have an excellence in dealing with complex immigration matters for more than 10 yrs. We have impaneled lawyers, Immigration Consultants, Immigration Experts, having an experience of more than 22 yrs.

Immigration Overseas Core Values

These values enable us to provide effective services to our customer's and to achieve our vision of "Enriching life through Immigration". Our core values are the guiding beacons for all that we do and provide us the benchmark for assessing our performance.

We envision our success through our customers success and satisfaction. Immigration Overseas exists to serve customer's,
  • whose demands are the driving force behind our development. We value our customers by being responsive to their needs and requirements. We measure our work against how much value we bring to our customers, because we can . Our Immigration Consultants work diligently to win customer's respect and trust, primarily through dedication. This includes every effort our Immigration Experts make to create value for customers. We value our employee's contributions and reward them accordingly.
Continuous improvement is required for us to become better partners for our customers, improve our company and grow as
  • individuals. This process requires that we actively listen and learn in order to improve. Driven by customer needs, our Immigration Experts passionately pursue customer-centric innovations in an open manner. We believe that business success is the ultimate measure of the value of any technology, product, solution or process improvement. Our Immigration Consultants have years of experience in international relocation. This is their industry and they are passionate about it. Their expertise will reduce your administrative burden, allowing you to focus on the strategic issues central to your organization.
International moving and relocation isn’t an exact science. That’s why we are more than just a service provider. Our
  • experienced and professional Immigration Consultants and Immigration Experts will work as your strategic partner. Their cost-saving initiatives, policy updates and service innovations will keep you ahead of the competition.

    We believe in the following principles:
    • honour: We will always carry out our mission with honour – guided by the values of bravery, impartiality, integrity and the moral courage to do the right thing even in the face of personal danger and adversity.
    • Courtesy: To treat each member of the public with respect, courtesy and compassion.
    • Dynamism: To respond positively and actively to the ever-changing socio-politico-economic environment and to realign strategies to meet new challenges.
Our foundation is strongly built on the pillars of integrity,where we believe that our corporate and individual actions
  • drive our organization that we take pride in. As a world-class international relocation company, we want our clients to be happy and satisfied throughout the process. That means a professional and friendly staff; integrated delivery of services and clear communication, from the beginning till the end.
    • We are a responsible corporate citizen committed to the health and safety of people, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies.
    • We work as per the work ethics that makes us reliable,trustworthy and transparent.
    • We honor our commitments.
    • We are accountable for our actions, successes and failures.
Unity is the key to our strength. While individually our departments are strong, collectively we are even stronger when united
  • as the Home Team. Our diversity is our strength. We respect each other as partners in the pursuit of a shared mission to keep Immigration safe and secure.

    We believe teamwork leverages as our individual strengths.
    • We are committed towards acheiving common goals.
    • We expect everyone to actively participate on the BHI team.
    • We openly communicate Our teamwork is backed by the open communication between all employees barring all hierarchies.
    • We value the diversity of our workforce.
    • We willingly share our resources.
We employ people who are culturally diverse and globally aware. Our Immigration Experts and Immigration Consultants have experience of living and working abroad.
  • of living and working abroad.Because they understand your expatriate's needs and concerns, they can pre-empt problems, which means happy, settled expatriate's for you. We believe a learning environment is the way to achieve the full potential of each individual and the company.
    • We expect development throughout each individual’s career by a combination of individual and company commitment.
    • We learn from sharing past decisions and actions, both good and bad, to continuously improve performance.
    • We improve by benchmarking and adopting best practices.
We believe performance excellence will drive the results that differentiate us from our competitors.
    • We focus on what is important.
    • We establish and communicate clear expectations.
    • We relentlessly pursue success.
    • We strive for flawless execution.
    • We work hard, celebrate our successes and learn from our failures.
    • We continuously look for new ways to improve our products, services and processes.
  • We believe in:

    Excellence: To continuously strive for excellence in whatever we do and seek to create benchmark for Immigration services worldwide.

    Innovation: To encourage new ideas, methods, processes and practices.

    Collaboration: To work together with other stakeholders to achieve common goals.


Immigration Overseas unique visa eligibility assessment is free of cost. Immigration Overseas is not affiliated with government but accredited with different government regulatory authorities MARA, MIA and ICCRC to name a few. For more details kindly view our Accreditation section. Immigration Overseas will assist you in obtaining your visa and the forms can be obtained from the official source at free. Immigration Overseas entails professional service fees exclusive of any third party or government fees and is subject to tax where applicable. Applying with us entitles you for a wide array of professional services including Pre and Post landing service ensuring a hassle free migration.



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