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Crossing of borders has become simplistic and easier with advancement of technology and trade by the concept of issuance of visas thereby, authenticating stay in a country. You can freely move in any part of the world, if you have been legally authorized for the same by the government officials of the country of your choice. All you will need is a passport and a visa validating the purpose of your stay in the host country. A passport is a document that substantiates the nationality of an individual. It is issued by the government of the country in the interest of its citizens to certify the nationality and identity of an individual which is accepted by government officials across the globe. You cannot enter a new country without holding a passport. A visa is a document or a stamping on your passport that legally permits you to enter a country of your choice. This document clearly states the purpose of your stay in the country. A visa, sure does give you the permission to travel to a country but the entry in the country is only permitted with the consent of the immigration officer at the time of entry. A non citizen can enter a country and freely move in the region only after the attainment of a visa. A visa also marks the time period of your intended stay in the country.

Every country has a different criterion for permitting the entry of people. The elements that might determine the acquisition of a visa can be listed as the financial status of an individual, the health status, the purpose of stay, the time period of the stay, details of previous visits, and security clearances. Government officials have specified the categories of visas that can be issued to citizens of different countries depending upon the relationship between two countries. These conditions are totally dependent upon the treaties signed by government officials. For instance citizens of Nepal and Bhutan are not required to produce a visa for entry into India. The mere production of an identity card can validate their stay in the country. On the other hand the Thailand Government has listed 19 countries, citizens of which can apply for a visa on arrival. There are numerous categories and classes under which you can apply for a visa or stay in a country.

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Permanent Residency visa

Permanent Residency has risen as the most sought after category of visa in recent times, reason being, advantages that are part and parcel of this visa category. A permanent residency defines the status of an individual’s stay in a country of which he is not a citizen. A permanent residency permits a person to non-resident to legally reside in the country for an indefinite time period. Some counties have also limited the validity of the visa from five years to an indefinite number of years. On acquiring a permanent residency an individual obtains the status of a permanent resident and at the same time keeps his nationality intact. He does not have to give up on his passport to acquire a permanent residency. A permanent resident is granted the freedom to apply for a citizenship of the country if he has abided by the legal terms and conditions of the country and the officials find him of no potential threat to the country. A permanent residency is a multiple entry visa that grants free movement within and in and out of the country without much a hassle.

A permanent residency is granted to individuals with the required skills and qualifications. A permanent residency is usually granted solely on the basis of your occupation. So if you have the skills backed by the relevant qualification the country will invite you to contribute towards the economy of the country. It is a two sided affair where both the parties are in mutual benefit. Depending upon the regulations of a country a permanent resident is entitled to enjoy various advantages that are otherwise grated to citizens. A permanent resident has the right to work and live in any part of the country. He is given full rights to run his own legal business. He is given the right to buy property of a certain class. The minor dependants of a permanent resident are eligible to receive free schooling by the government. He can claim medical benefits. He is eligible to buy and sell property.

Free movement within the country is permitted. In order to continue enjoying the status of a permanent resident an individual has to abide by certain guidelines. He has be employed and validate his stay by contribute towards the economy of the country. He has to contribute towards the well being of the country. He should prove to be a resident with no criminal records. He should have spent a considerable amount of time in the country. The only elements which are cited as limitations sometimes are, a permanent residency does not permit an individual to take active part in the political decision making of the country, i.e., he cannot vote. He/she cannot run for elections until he/she becomes a citizen there. And, he/she cannot serve in government bodies especially for the armed forces or social and national security.

Sponsorship Visa

In the literal sense, sponsor means to financially back up an activity or an individual. It is more like patronizing an individual for a process. While in the immigration industry sponsorship can hold two meanings. First, a sponsor might mean providing financial back up and assistance to an employee or relative or alternatively it also means the nomination of visa or occupation by a state in requirement of particular skills. For example if we were to discuss nomination, Australia is one country that is nominates your occupation if there is a dearth of human resource in their country in that particular occupation. The country targets all those occupations which will contribute towards the economy of the country but haven’t been exploited enough due to the dearth in human resource.

Business Visa

A Business Visa can be defined as a grant that permits prospective entrepreneurs and investors to the visit the country of their interest for business, commercial, and investment purposes. A business visa may be of different kinds. Some business visas are for a short term which grants permission to investors only to get an overview of the market conditions in the country of their economic interest. A business visa usually involves huge investments that might vary depending upon the nature and scale of business. In order to practice your trade in a new country you need to be sure whether the country is in requirement of the specific business deal and also whether it will be profitable to you. An investment plan needs to be laid down. Non residents might require license and permission by the central government and the local authorities to set up a business. A government grants a non resident to set up their business in the country only if they see it as profitable and are also sure that the setting up of such non residents companies will not hamper their own local business.

Spouse / Dependent Visa

A person is granted permission to take long with him if he has any members economically and financially dependent on him. Regardless of the fact whether you have a permanent residency visa , you are allowed to take along with you, your family. Dependants who can fly along with you should be immediate members of your family, like your spouse and your children. They on behalf of you are granted the same visa status. A dependant visa has certain limitations which define the stay in the country. These limitations might be listed as the age of the dependant, the direct relation with the main applicant and the kind of benefits that he/she can enjoy as an individual. Persons moving with their families are the ones who obtain this visa to validate the stay of their family members in the new country which they are not residents of.

Marriage / Fiance'e Visa

A marriage visa or a fiancé Visa is granted to individuals who have legally entered into a wedlock with each other and have documents and registration to validate the same. The validity of your visa depends upon the status of visa of the main applicant. You will not have to worry about staying away from your loved with the availability of this kind of visa.

Student Visa

Movement of people is seen in the form of students I the highest numbers across the globe. Young aspiring students move from one country to other pursuing courses of their interest which ensure a brighter future and career. The education system of every country is different. The methods approached for teaching and preparing professionals is different in every country. Students move to other countries depending upon which country has the best resource of knowledge in the field of their interest. This further benefits them as this visa permits them to practice their trade in the country at least for a period of one year. It gives them the right and freedom to work and study at the same time.

Working Holiday Visa

A working holiday permit is a visa that permits travelers or tourists to work in the host country. The initial interest of a traveler may be of a casual visit which later on might turn into a passion to work in the country and at the same time supplement their fund requirements for the stay in the country. This kind of visa is very popular amongst young travelers and explorers who explore the country and at the same time work part time in order to be economically sufficient.

Skilled Visa

Utilize your qualifications and experience to the utmost. Countries with low populations are either developed or on the road to development. But the major point that pulls them back is the lack of human resource to contribute sufficiently towards the economy. To overcome this situation of crisis for human resource the government has issued plans that determine the entry of skilled individuals from other countries to help them grow in all industries alike. The invitation of employees from other countries helps them distribute human resource, skills and talent for a vast area and different fields and industry rather than focusing and developing in one country alone. Most countries attract skilled professionals to work in their country by granting them permanent residency. The remuneration and facilities provided to these professionals is what makes them stay in the country longer than expected. Some even go ahead to take up the citizenship of the host country in order to continue enjoying the rights being rendered to them

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Citizenship Visa

Citizenship is the status that defines your nationality, identification and association with a country of which you are a legal resident. Being a citizen of a country invests in you the power to work in any part of the country and take active part on the political being and decision making of the country. You are identified by your nationality. You are expected to abide by the rules and regulation of the country and work towards the well being of the country. If you are immigrant and wish to take up the citizenship of the host country you have to first be eligible for that. Every country has a certain eligibility criteria and certain conditions you have to comply with in order to become citizens of the country

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