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Overseas is being located across the geographical boundaries of nations. In the literal sense, overseas refers to travelling across seas. Immigration can be defined as a series of actions directed towards moving people from one country to another for permanent settlement. Immigration can also be referred to as the movement of people from one region to another of which they are not nationals. They are born and bred in a different country but owing to reasons best known to them, migrate or move out to a different region and settle down in. These reasons for immigration vary as per the requirement of individuals and the prevailing conditions of the country of residence. Immigration determines the legal status of a person. Immigration classifies the process of immigration as illegal immigration, naturalization, leave to remain, statelessness, citizen, tourist etc. Overseas immigration collectively means the process of migrating across seas and boundaries. Overseas immigration can be defined as the movement of individuals and from one region to another for different purposes. Overseas immigration is a task undertaken after concluding different reasons that act as the driving force for migration.

Reasons that determine Immigration

Historians have cited various reasons that determine reasons for overseas immigration. Immigration has always been an option or either an alternative for people. Immigration can be quoted as both voluntary and involuntary or ‘forced’. Migration can be out of choice or out of pure consequence. If we were to discuss some issues or reasons that determine migration can be listed as:

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  • Travel and Tourism:Advancement of technology has led to the closing up of distance. Countries are now more approachable and easy to get to. You no more have to travel months and days together to cross borders and water masses to visit a new country. Travelling has become easier and conveyance cheaper and easily accessible. People can now fly to different regions for purposes that suit them best. With a rise in economy, travelling to other countries for tourism purposes has become achievable even for skilled middle class professionals. It is no more a luxury. People immigrate to other countries for a short span of time for a brief stay in another country. Travel and tourism immigration is highly encouraged by each Government as it adds to the travel and tourism industry and is a boost for the economy of the country. Individuals often travel alone or with families or friends for a brief stay in a different part of the world, living through various experiences.
  • Economic Factors:Economic conditions of a country depend upon the skilled migrant force, the total population, and the development scale of a country. Countries, facing population outburst, with low employment opportunities are the countries which each year have numerous people leaving the country for better economic prospects. The country with an ever rising graph will always face shortage in job opportunities. This creates instability in the economy of the country. Such a situation leads to more and more people proposing overseas immigration to better their personal economic status. Overseas immigration is also undertaken on a large scale by skilled professionals. Reason being, requirement of skilled and qualified professionals in developed nations. What is important to note here is that all most all developed nations have a very low density of population. It is interesting to see that that most of their skilled workforce comprises of people not nationals of their own country. For instance if we were to study the immigration trends of Canada, one would notice that the number of Canadian nationals emigrating from Canada is rather poor, compared to the number of people immigrating to Canada. This is because Canada has a very stable and developed economy. Industries are developed and highly rewarding. So the Canadian professionals stay back and help their economy grow. In fact there arises a situation when their own population is not sufficient enough to fulfill the requirement of skilled professionals in their economy. On the other hand if we were to compare the Canadian economy with the Indian economy, one will easily spot the difference. India is the second most populated country in the world. The economy is growing but so is the population and the skilled workforce. Literacy rate has risen considerably in the recent years in the country. This has given a rise in requirement of employment opportunities. With the economy still growing skilled professionals find it rather difficult to locate jobs as per their qualifications. This urges them to apply for overseas jobs. Application of overseas jobs is mainly due to the shortage of employment in their own country. Migration to a new country helps them attain jobs in a new region and also enjoy the benefits of a stable economy. So economic stability can be cited as a major reason for migration.
  • Political Factors:Political factors also to an extent determine migratory plans of individuals, groups, and communities. Political instability and war torn regions force their own nationals to opt for overseas migration. This kind of migration is purely out of consequences not natural in nature. Individuals are forced out of their homeland to secure their life. These situations are unavoidable and usually cause displacement. War stricken people are left homeless and forced to leave the country to seek shelter and protection.
  • Family Re-unification:Moving to unite. A major reason that determines immigration. Individuals move from one country to another to join their families. Unification through marriage is another reason that initiates immigration.
  • Natural Calamity and Disaster: Natural mishap is unavoidable and cannot be ignored or terminated. It comes without warning and cannot be evaded. Natural disasters are usually large in scale in terms of displacement and destruction and have the same effect on one and all. It is untimely, so such situations cannot be taken care of on short notices. Thus to rise from the after math of natural disaster destruction, people in large numbers move to other regions to settle down and find grounds of livelihood.


If we were to see as to how overseas migration is catching up, the following pie chart could elucidate the situation

Picture Courtesy: https://rankingamerica.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/chart-of-immigration.jpg

This chart clearly shows the trends of immigration throughout the world. The pie chart shows the statistics of the number of individuals moving towards the developed economies. The primary motive for overseas immigration can be detected as social security, education, protection, economic betterment, and higher standard of living.

Role of the Government in Migration

It is the Government that formulates rules and regulations determining entry and exit in the country. Governments of every country have established and given authority to certain bodies that determine the entry and exit of people throughout the world. These autonomous government regulated bodies are invested with the power to devise rules and regulations as per in accordance with their own country laws and also other countries. The migration regulatory bodies of two countries after coming to terms on common grounds can also form treaties and regulations to ease out migratory rules for immigration for their respective nationals. For instance Malaysia and Thailand have listed around 19 countries, nationals of which can attain a visa on arrival for an entry. These kinds of policies are formulated as per the mutual understanding and international relations of two countries.

Governments of every country highly encourage immigration. This encouragement is for the betterment of the economy of the country. Immigration can be of different kinds. Travel and tourism adds to the economy of the travel industry, the hospitality sector and the local business developments. This creates a boost in the economy of the country. Certain countries are largely dependent on their travel industry for adding to the economy. South Asian nations encourage immigration in the form of tourists, as these are favorite hot spots for international tourists. Developed and materialistic countries like the U.S.A, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand permit the entry of skilled migrants to add to the economy of their country either through investment or by serving in their companies. In return they provide them with benefits and high remunerations. This sort of immigration is of mutual interest to both the parties. The government is able to populate its country with skilled professionals and the consistency in the economy is maintained. The types of visas granted to such professionals are permanent residency, business visa, regional sponsorship visa to name a few.

Another category of visa that has come into picture on a large basis is the student permit. This visa suits the requirement of many. Under this category the aspiring students are able to obtain a permit that allows them to study abroad and acquire knowledge in the field of their interest and also obtain work experience by working there and practicing their profession. The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and U.S.A are the top four countries that receive applications from students for pursuing education. This is because of the diversity in the courses available in these countries and the highly developed and acclaimed education pattern.

Picture Courtesy: https://globalhighered.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/aei94-07data.jpg (Australian Education International)

Immigration Overseas

Immigration Overseas is an Immigration Consultancy Firm that acts in accordance to the rules and regulations laid down by the governments of different countries for the acquisition of the various categories of visas available for overseas immigration. Immigration Overseas operates at a global level to provide migration services as per the requirement of individuals and groups. Immigration Overseas specializes in different type of migration processes.

Immigration Overseas is a pioneer in the provision of immigration services to clientele from different regions and countries. The organization works in perfect sync and in accordance with the migratory rules. Owing to its scale of operations it is very imp0ortant for the organization to work o9n common grounds and in synchronization. Each department and division works as a team in complete unity. With our immigration offices located in India, Canada, and Australia, we have a worldwide appeal and approach through our online portal that gives easy access to users across the globe. Our online visa processing is very successful and popular amongst people from all ages. It comes across as the most convenient, economical, hassle free and time saving visa processing. Immigration Overseas has developed a break through method for visa processing.

The services being rendered are impeccable and worth every penny of investment. Immigration Overseas has been for over a decade catering to immigration needs. Our services are customer service oriented. Our immigration services are not limited. They expand and can be molded as per the convenience of the client. Our services can be molded and delivered as the requirement of the client but our visa processing procedure takes place in strict adherence to the guidelines and rules laid down by the government. Our Immigration Consultants work under the supervision of registered Immigration Consultants. This ensures confidentiality, precision, accuracy and a high level of professionalism.

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We as an Immigration Consultancy Firm are registered with MARA, MIA, ICCRC, CRCIC, to name a few. Our Immigration Consultants are experts in their respective domain and provide timely services to when an individual needs it the most. We are not mere consultants. We are your professional confidants and registered professionals working towards your better and convenient future. We strive towards a common goal. Our success is our aim. It is through the spectrum of your success and satisfaction that we view our growth and development. With a success rate of 99.2% Immigration Overseas has proved to be a benefit for potential immigrants seeking transparent and break through solutions in the field of immigration. The company has managed to be rated a gleaming five star by thousands of satisfied users, recommending our services to others in requirement of the services.Immigration Overseas Pvt. Ltd is a Law Firm operating in capital, New Delhi servicing clients from across the globe and meeting the rising immigration needs of the prospective clients.

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