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World’s second largest country, Canada is located in the continent of North America occupying a rather major portion of the region. The country shares the world’s longest border with the United States, the largest border shared by any two countries in the world. The country comprises of ten provinces and 3 provinces. The land is surrounded by three oceans on three sides namely the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic Ocean, and the United States on one. The land was originally inhabited by the Aboriginals. With urbanization and development of civilization, the First World slowly took to increase in population. The country has a comparative newly discovered civilization. This accounted to less population right the very start. The British and the French colonies invaded the land and populated the region. The nation has two official languages, English and French. The country soon freed itself from the shackles of colonial slavery and established itself as Federal Parliamentary and a Constitutional Monarchy with Queen Elizabeth the second as the Head of State. The nation’s economy is one of the world’s most advanced and developed. Canada is one the wealthiest nations in the world, despite its large size. Canada is sparsely populated. Canada is a developed nation and ranks amongst the top fifteen in terms of wealth, human development index, per capita income, per capita income, economic and social freedom and transparency. The country is also termed as the least the corrupt countries in the world. The country was later on added to the G8 power list.

The nation comprises of ten provinces namely Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, and Prince Island, Quebec. The Quebec region underwent humongous changes and took huge strides in social and economic development moving towards a rather modernist approach. The regions are thinly populated owing to the late discovery of the land and the extreme climatic conditions. Canada’s per square population density amounts to a mere 3.3 inhabitants, amongst the lowest in the world. Canada has average winter in the southern parts and high summer temperatures during summer. Various northern regions face very harsh winter conditions owing to the proximity to the North Pole.

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Canada is home to immigrants. This is one reason why the country has various religions being practiced in the country without any communal clashes. The nation encompasses all aspects of numerous religions, beliefs, and practices. The culture of the nation is highly influenced by English and French cultures. With large expanse of natural calmness and beauty, Canada is a major tourist attraction. The country supports and promotes all cultures alike. The original Canadian population has welcomed people from different ethnic backgrounds for both visiting and people who intend to settle in the country permanently. The country celebrates various holidays and enjoys the festive spirit all year long. The major holidays being New Years, Family Day, Victoria Day, Christmas and Boxing Day. The cuisines here are mostly inspired from other cultures of the immigrants. It is rather a common sight to find a Chinese-Canadian theme restaurant in almost every by lane of each city. Some of the most famous and highly savored dishes are buttertarts, fiddleheads, Nanaimo bars, cipaille, cretons, and maple syrup. The Canadian government has legalized drinking at the age of 18. Canadians love their drinks. They heavily consume beer, wine, ice wine and distilled spirits. Canada is highly open to the LGBT society. The Human Rights of Code specifies that every individual has the right to practice his or her own culture, religion and openly accept people from all sexual orientations. Canada is a very safe country to reside in. Violent activities in and around the nation are considered rather rare. The government law and order are strict and up to the mark. Violation to laws is considered a crime and appropriate punishment is meted to the convict. The country is amongst the least corrupted and the safest and liberal countries in the world. In short it is a wonderful place to live. The economy is good, the social security is up to the mark, the nation is safe, and the education is world class. What else would one want for spending a good life? A liberal culture, government rule, and social freedom, Canada is highly preferred for permanent residency especially for those with a free mind. The region is highly developed in terms of infrastructure and social standings.

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Education in Canada is given utmost importance. Canada has one the highest literacy rate in the world with a phenomenal 99% for both male and females. The education provided publicly is funded and taken care of by the different sectors of government at both local and federal levels. Education is compulsory till the age of 16.The government considers it the responsibility of the state to provide education to its citizens. Education is available in both English and French languages. Canadian government grants diploma degrees in high numbers to all. The attainment of a diploma is very common in Canada. The government offers diploma courses and degrees after post secondary education. These are usually specialization courses especially to do with medical, engineering, or medicine. The Government is very particular about their population being well educated and ahead with the rest of the population. The Canadian government pays special attention to proficiency of their students in mathematics, science, and reading. This can be proved by the Canadian students performing above average in the OECD. The children are also fluent with both the languages. The federal states also pay special attention towards the development of children apart from academic proficiency. Special attention is given to performing arts and sports for the overall development of the students. University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Calgary are the some chief institutions rendering education especially in medicine, engineering, law, architecture, education and management courses. The nation has emerged as a supreme power through an able, educated, and self sufficient population. Every year students in large numbers come to country for attaining quality education from these prestigious universities.

Economy and Employment

The eleventh largest economy in the world, Canada is one of the wealthiest and prosperous nations in the world. The Canadian Dollar holds one the highest and most constant values across the different economies. The Canadian Economy is developed and well to do. All sectors are well developed and use advanced technologies for utmost proficiency and utilization of resources. The economy of the nation is majorly dominated by the service industries. Canada gives importance to its primary sectors and promotes its local industries in the development of the economy. The economy is largely supported by the automobile industry, the aircraft industry, the mining industry and fishing industry. The manufacturing units throughout the country are highly developed and efficient. The Canadian government uses its renewable resources up to a good extent. International Trade flourishes in the country, with a good amount of imports and exports. About two thirds of the Canadian population is covered under the bracket of the service industry. People rarely have their own business set ups. The financial sectors developed. The employment rate is high amongst the age groups of 25-44, whereas a certain percentage of employment can also be noticed in the age bracket above 65. As per the statsitcs of the Canadian Government, it is important to note that the employment rate in Canada is always rising. A major population of Canadain inhabitants are employed in the servioce sector but a large population in the service sector also comprises of the immigrtants moving to the country for better standard of living and employment opportunities. The Canadian Government runs by the policy of Jobs, Growth and Prosperity. The government has been able to generate employment for its own citizens and the immigrants. The sparse and uneven distribution of population has called for the Government inviting forigen nationals for working in their country. This step is for a dual benefit. The country is able to populate the region considerably and also through employment. This makes the immigrants contribute towards the stability of the economy. In return the Government renders valuable services and benefits to the immigrants to elongate their stay and also encourage further immigration.

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Canada Immigration Overseas Office

Migration to Canada has always been a top priority amongst professionals, families, and students alike. The statistics suggest that the nation has one the highest per capita immigration rates in the world. Immigration to the country has always been on a high. Migration to Canada is driven by economic policies, family reunification, education, employment. The year 2010 recorded a humongous number of immigrants moving to Canada, the accurate number being 280,636. The government has predicted that on an average the country will accommodate roughly more than 240,000 to 265,000 people and counting. Immigration to Canada is not concentrated to specific regions but the division takes place as per region and employment requirement. So the region that requires the maximum number of foreign nationals to compensate the lack of human resource, that particular state or region will accommodate that population of skilled professionals. Areas for settlement for new migrants are Toronto and Vancouver. Canada also welcomes people seeking shelter under asylum.

Immigration Overseas realizes the need amongst foreign nationals for legal migration services to help them migrate to Canada. Keeping this mind Immigration Overseas has established the Canadian Immigration Overseas Office. The management at Immigration Overseas has worked hard towards the establishment of its own Canada visa migration office. Immigration Overseas has an established set up at Nova Scotia, Canada. Immigration Overseas although operates online yet to provide a physical entity of the organization, has set up its offices in different parts of the world. Our global presence is also marked by such a phenomenon. Immigration Overseas before setting up an office in Canada had done a thorough market research about the migration needs of people in the country. We not only help in migration to Canada but also from Canada. Also we have our organization registered with the Immigration Regulating Authorities of the nation. The major authorities are CRCIC (Consiel de Reglementation des Consultants en Immigration du Canada), ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulation Council). These authoritative bodies provide the guidelines that need to be adhered to by one and all alike. Our location provides the feasibility and convenience to all our clients alike. There is no disparity amongst our clients on the basis of location or nationality. Immigration Overseas has emerged as a leading brand in the immigration industry and overseas immigration by providing immigration services par excellence with complete dexterity and precision. Immigration Overseas is an Immigration Consultancy Firm specializing and catering to client servicing with an unbeatable and a commendable success rate of 99.2%. Overseas Immigration can be an easy walk for you and your family if you are associated with us. Our impeccable immigration services ensure a hassle free immigration in terms of documentation and settlement. Our Immigration Servicesare the most important services we are render. We take great pride in the deliverance of our services with absolute transparency, dedication, honesty, precision, and dexterity. The first consideration that an individual keeps in mind while planning overseas migration is whether the overseas immigration will bring a substantial change for the individual in all aspects of life. This is just what the team at Immigration Overseas which is one of the best Canada visa migration office ensures. Each team member and the Canada Immigration Overseas office as a whole keeps in mind your preferences and the next best options available for you from both economical and geographical point of view. We help you make decisions that are the best for you, your family, and your future. We predict the future trends and prepare you according to the rising needs. Our immigration Experts assist you in formulating plans that will be best for you. They prepare you for your future and suggest you of any undertakings that might prove beneficial for you.

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    Dear Michelle,

    Very good afternoon. Hope you are doing great.

    Though I also have a word with 2-3 other agents also BUT very genuinely speaking, you are the best among them & really really appreciate your assistance & time. Truly worth. AND I also seem/expect this thing for further concern also. : )


    Hitesh Choudhary
  • Thanks for Support

    Thank you for making my dream come true of working in Australia. I am here in Australia and this is just because of the team of Immigration Overseas who guided me at every step offering strong service floor. Initially when I got to know about the firm, I was not sure how will they provide me services, but after the process started I felt the strength from inside.


  • Very Supportive Team

    Very heartfelt thanks to you Immigration overseas!!! It was a great time dealing with you and your team that offered a detailed perfection in my migration dream. The team showed great energy while dealing with my case at every step organizing the entire scenario making me feel confident at every step.


  • Good Experience with Team

    If you are looking to migrate to your dream land then Immigration overseas is your true partner. They are the one stop client centre who offered our entire family with fantastic visa and migration assistance making our migration dream a reality.


  • Best Immigration Service Provider

    Thank you Immigration Overseas Team!!! They are the most trusted service providers who explored a whole new story in my migration aspect by offering best visa service attributes. I would like to extend my special to the consultants under the firm who at every step stood by me guiding me at every step.


  • Great Support Cast

    The entire team of Immigration overseas brought a great support cast in my migration process offering maze of potential visa services and migration assistance. Together with their team, they offered me solid service support with courtesy at every process step.


  • Amazing Immigration Support

    Immigration overseas truly knows their mission!!! The visa services that the team offered to me and my wife steered up our migration process curbing great appeal. So we would both like to extend well deserved “Thank you” for all your hard work.


  • Excellent Professional Help

    You did a great job Immigration overseas!!! I on behalf of my entire family would like to thank you for your wonderful migration services that you put forth us. The entire team always kept the communication with us upfront offering excellent professional help throughout.


  • New Zealand Visa

    Hi, Immigration Overseas. I would like to take this time to extend great heartfelt gratitude for all your efforts in making me migrate and settle in New Zealand. This wouldn’t have happened with your consummate professionalism and extraordinary services.


  • Best Migration Partner

    I met Immigration overseas team through one of my friends who recommended me to them. I decided to them as my migrating partner and this was the best decision of my life. They transformed my life altogether adding their sincere expertise in my case.


  • Heartfelt Appreciation

    I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Immigration Overseas team for helping me obtain a visa to the UK. The online processing helped me a great deal. I made full use of the services and used all the benefits being provided to the utmost. My expectations were met. And the investment of both time and money was worth the while. Pleasure working with you!


    Kiran Dixit
  • Best Immigration Consultation Team

    A friend of mine recommended me Immigration Overseas. At first I was not really sure about the initiating the process due to the distance or different locations. Michelle Lyn was appointed to handle my case for consultation. She explained of the entire process and led me to a better understanding of the migration process and laws. The team was extremely professional but friendly at the same time.


    Ravdeep Kaur
  • Best Immigration Consultation Team

    Thank you for helping me live my dream and settle down comfortably in New Zealand. I am here in New Zealand now and would like to convey my best wishes to the organization. I could like to highly recommend Immigration Overseas to families and individuals like me who are in search of the right team to help them migrate.



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  • Global Immigration Service Provider...

    Immigration Overseas is an Immigration Law firm that provides a proper guidance to the migrant. They provide various visa like permanent residence visa (pr visa), stude   Read More..

  • Immigration Australia Visa Services with...

    Immigration Overseas Pvt Ltd is an Immigration Law firm that provides all type of immigration services with just a click. We have an experience of 22 years in the immig   Read More..

  • Get Immigration Only with Immigration Ex...

    Immigration Overseas Pvt Ltd is an Immigration Law firm that provides all type of immigration services with just a click. We have an experience of 22 years in the immig   Read More..

  • Best Immigration Consultants for Migrati...

    Migration process of people has dominated the world since ages. Migration has been vital in stretching strong foundation in the migrants’ life and also contributi   Read More..

  • Get Canadian Immigration by Immigration ...

    Canadian education system is also ranked as one of the best in the world offering an innovative and customized educational environment that extends fruitful environment   Read More..

  • Canadian Immigration for Better Career G...

    According to several surveys and researches, Canada has emerged out as a fascinating destination to migrate and settle permanently. The location of Canada is to the nor   Read More..

  • Immigration Overseas: Get Easy Process A...

    This nation offers great learning experience followed by great studying environment enriching students both in terms of education and moral values. Australia has a grow   Read More..

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    Australia is one of the developed nations with an economy that is ranked as 12th largest economies of the world. In terms of land area, Australia is the sixth largest c   Read More..

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    Considering the present world scenario, the immigration statics has totally changed as far as Australia is concerned. Australia is in huge demand of skilled workers these days and so the immigratio   Read More..

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    The International Organization for Immigration estimates that the immigrant count as of 2006 was a little over 200 million. The continents in order of highest immigrations ranked in the following o   Read More..

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    Immigration Overseas Pvt Ltd is a leading brand dealing in multiple immigration processes. The organization understands the mechanism of overseas immigration process an   Read More..

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    Australia is country composing mainly of Australian continent along with numerous smaller islands. Australia is ranked sixth in terms of the land area it has. The count   Read More..

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    Going with the past and present profile of Australia the country has always gained leading edge in terms of the living conditions that it offers. The country has been g   Read More..

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    Immigration in Australia relatively has been soaring despite the corrective measures undertaken by the officials to slacken the rate of migration. Due to this heightene   Read More..


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